Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Resolutions.

Would it disappoint you to know that I don't have any? 

Would it disappoint you to know that I gave them up YEARS ago?

The truth is that Resolutions always fail unless they are a spontaneous response to a situation.  At least, that is true in my experience, and therefore the New Year seems such a silly time to make them.  In its simplest form my resolution is to always be true to myself.  To be true to my hopes and dreams,  and do my best in all things.  Too much else is dependent on other outside influences, and as I have no control over these they negate any resolutions that might be made.

I really admire those of you that make resolutions and stick to them.  I wish you well with them this year.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I totally agree with you that New Years Resolutions can be a little silly - I've decided that this year I'm just using the new year as an opportunity to formalize the goals I've already been working towards or thinking about - and I'll review them in three months not one year - because so much can change in a year!

Bella said...

Agreed. I prefer to make goals instead, with a viable plan to reach them - it works for me! I find that people who make resolutions don't believe that they will be able to stick with them, so they inevitably give up after a few weeks! You have to believe you can do something for it to work. Happy New Year!!